Sideline Revocation

Reporting by WVUA 23 Reporter Keldreck Conwell

Revoked: that was the fate of one Tuscaloosa bar after weeks of back and forth with the city council over safety concerns.

Two weeks ago, the Tuscaloosa City Council made a decision to table Sideline Bar and Grill’s business license until April 16, but today their time was up. It was hours of waiting as the council made a critical decision.

Tuscaloosa residents came before the council to say why they felt that having the bar next to their community was harmful after the Tuscaloosa Police Department said there were 19 reported violations, including a shooting.

The council came down to a 4-3 vote in order to revoke Sideline’s business license. Bryan Winter, the lawyer representing the owners, said his clients are devastated.

“We did exactly what we were asked,” he said. “My clients did everything that they were asked to do and they put everything into it and we are going to see where we go from here but they’re obviously very disappointed because they really poured their heart into this restaurant and we will just have to see where we go from here.”

At this time, the owners of Sideline Bar and Grill have yet to say if they will appeal the decision, but some locals hope they do not.

“Oh, I feel safer now,” resident Brenda Landcaster said. “I can have my children over, we will all feel safer. This been going on for eight years and as of today, it’s over for the time being.”

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