City approves contract to expand Tuscaloosa National Airport

Tuesday night Tuscaloosa City Council approved a $7 million dollar construction contract for the Tuscaloosa National Airport. the Tuscaloosa National Airport Committee and member of the city’s Airport Advisory Committee are working on a plan to get commercial passenger air service back to Tuscaloosa. The money will be used to expand the runway to allow for bigger planes that will accommodate more passengers.

This will let larger airlines to create connection flights by bringing in smaller commuter planes. The connection flights will be to areas like Nashville and Atlanta.

Tuscaloosa City Councilman Kip Tyner is excited about the project.

“Were always looking for ways to improve the airport. We have already put a new terminal, new restrooms, other amenities that show a major investment in improvements and now extending the runway is huge.”

American Eagle, a regional subsidiary of American Airlines, was the last commercial airline to operate in Tuscaloosa, but it stopped serving the airport in 1997.

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