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Tailgating is not limited to sports.  In fact, a local church is taking traditional services outside.

Circlewood Baptist Church held its Wednesday night worship service in the parking lot. About two dozen members attended the drive-in Bible study.  Circlewood Baptist Lead Pastor Herb Thomas said he’s encouraged at seeing so many people committed to their faith.

“It’s so exciting,” Thomas said. “They come on Wednesdays and Sundays and bring their friends, and it really thrills a pastor’s heart to see this taking place.”

Circlewood Associate Pastor of College and Young Adults Rob Cain said he agrees.

“This gives us a little bit different dynamic where we can become, within a distance, closer to one another,” Cain said.

Some worshipers Wednesday stayed in their vehicles, while others brought chairs.

“We can hear the word grow and they want to be taught the word of God,” Cain said. “That’s what’s so encouraging.”

Weekly services are also available on the Circlewood Baptist Facebook page. 

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