Easter Service

On Easter Sunday, most churches and sanctuaries were empty. But that didn’t mean no one was worshipping.

Many religious organizations have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic by hosting their services online, and many more already offered some form of remote service. Television, radio and online broadcasts offer parishioners a way to worship and adhere to current Alabama Department of Public Health guidelines.

Some churches offered drive-in service for parishioners, allowing the faithful to hear the word of God and take communion from the comfort of their cars.

At Pisgah Chapel Hill Church, cars were arriving well before the scheduled start time of 6 a.m.

The church is a mostly Baptist congregation located in Fayette.

Dr. John Killian of the Fayette County Baptist Associaton led the Easter sunrise service under the church’s awning instead of from the pulpit, and worshippers rolled down their windows to sing along with the single-person choir.

“In dismal days, we had people who came out today just to celebrate that they really do believe there’s life beyond death and that’s in the resurrection of Jesus Christ,” Killian said. “What a wonderful hope is expressed by people who came out, sat in their cars, sang along and enjoyed a message. So good to see them.”

Next year, parishioners will hopefully be back in the church proper, shaking hands, hugging and chit-chatting before and after the service. But this year, the sunrise service in Fayette County couldn’t have been better.

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