Church Serviced

Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa is now charred and battered after a fire ravaged it last Thursday. Although the church itself is gone, its congregation isn’t letting that get in the way of their worship.

On Sunday, the church made strides toward the future as it held its first service since the fire. Although they held it in the Family Life Center, it was just like any other Sunday, with music and members coming together to hear the Rev. Frank Kennedy Sr.’s message.

Kennedy said the building may be gone but the spirit of the church is not.

“(God) builds the foundation and we lay upon it,” Kennedy said. “And whatever God is doing, we are in his plan and we will come back if that is his plan and we will come back stronger than we were, before the building burned down. Because the church is still alive, the flame is still burning and we are getting ready to ignite some more.”

Deacon Marvin Lucas said despite the building being destroyed the church has not gone anywhere.

“All those bricks tumbling not one of those firemen were hurt, and that means God is here and he is watching over us and helping protect us. This is just a building, the church is still here. So not to say we are coming back, we just haven’t gone anywhere,” Lucas said.

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