Christmas Tree

With Thanksgiving over and Black Friday behind us, the Christmas season is beginning. With that comes decorations, none more important than the Christmas tree.

While merrymakers have largely switched to artificial trees to provide the centerpiece for their holiday cheer, many people still prefer to have real trees in their homes.

Those who rely on an old-fashioned live tree have a greater responsibility to consider safety measures.

Tuscaloosa Fire and Safety Educator Holly Whigham has several tips for people who use real trees.

“Now that Thanksgiving is over people are getting ready for Christmas we just want to make sure that we gave some safety tips for this holiday season,” Whigham said. “One of those is when you are picking out a tree if it is a real tree is to make sure that you are checking the needles on it that they are green and fresh and not dried out. When you get your tree make sure that it’s been cut and when you take it home and when you are placing it in your home make sure that you are placing it at least 3-feet away from anything and any heat source.”

It is important to realize that what goes on the tree is just as important as the tree you select.

“A lot of fires that happen during the holiday season aren’t necessarily because of the tree, but it’s electrical problems that happen so we want to make sure that people are checking the strings of lights that they put on the tree, inspecting them before they put them on there and make sure that they are for indoor use,” Whigham said.

As temperatures continue to fall remember to keep heaters at least 3-feet away from Christmas trees.

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