Carrollton Diner

By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Keith Huffman

As the 2016 SEC Media Days draw nearer, sports fans inside a West Alabama diner are divided – not only in their team allegiance, but also where they sit.

Located on Highway 17 across from the Service Center in Carrollton, the Town Square Diner is split into two dining turfs, one for the Crimson Tide and one for the Auburn Tigers.

Manager Alice Jones said Alabama and Auburn football fans frequent the diner, although some refrain from crossing the divide.

“We have some Auburn fans that refuse to sit in the Alabama room, and we have some Alabama fans that refuse to sit in the Auburn room,” Jones said.

A Crimson Tide fan, Jones also said the heat is on at the diner when one side’s team is doing well during a season.

“We love to rub it in when we’re winning,” she said. “But the Auburn fans love to do it, too.”

During a recent lunch-hour visit, sports fans were divided when inquired about their outlook for the upcoming SEC football season.

“Alabama, another national champion,” Pickens County Sheriff David Abston said.

Auburn fan Alesia Williams of Brookside had a different take.

“We’re going all the way, baby,” she said. “All the way.”

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