Childrens Hands On Museum

By WVUA 23 Reporter Grace Campbell

Saturday afternoon the Tuscaloosa Children’s Hands on Museum celebrated Tuscaloosa’s 200th Birthday a week early to get the kids thinking about it.

“We think celebrating it early will get it in their mind, plant that seed, and then next Friday when we have the Christmas parade and all the bicentennial celebrations, they’ll already have that bug in their ear,” CHOM Public Program Director Kimberly Crabbe said.

The museum is based around Tuscaloosa’s and Alabama’s history and both are incorporated into each exhibit to show their progression. When children play in the exhibits, it gives them a chance to learn about the past while having fun.

“You get to learn about science and even though it’s the weekend and some kids aren’t doing it, I say ‘OK, I’m going to come here today,’ and basically I’m learning about something I’ve never experienced.”

The exhibits show various time periods of Tuscaloosa’s history ranging from the Indian Village, to the old drugstore and general store, so it allows children to learn in a hands-on way.

“We can talk about history of Tuscaloosa, but then they can go immerse themselves in it and see it for themselves and it’s not have to create their own image of it, so we have it for them to play in and to discover,” Crabbe said.

Parents said their children have fun going to CHOM because they get to play but are also learning at the same time.

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