Child recovering after being mauled by dog in Pickens County

A Pickens County child is recovering after being mauled by a dog Wednesday morning.

Aliceville Police Chief Tonnie Jones said the attack happened in a driveway while the child was going to get on a school bus.

“It is very heart-wrenching because it is someone’s child, someone’s nephew,” Jones said.

Several neighbors witnessed the attack, and investigators said one man shot the dog in an attempt to keep it from attacking anyone else.

“He was attempting to pull the child away from the dog and the dog was still trying to attack the child,” Jones said. “That’s when he took his firearm and put the dog down. I do feel that was the best thing to do at that particular time. It is now under investigation to see if there will or will not be charges pressed against the owner of the dog. ”

The little boy injured is Dezzy Prowell’s step-grandson.

Prowell said the child is absolutely precious.

“They are good kids,” Prowell said. “My son drives the little four-wheeler up and down the road. They are good kids. They don’t bother nobody.”

Jones said his department had not had any complaints about this particular dog running loose in the area but wants to remind Aliceville residents that there is a leash law in the city limits.

“The leash law in Aliceville is that if you have any vicious dog, you have to have it chained up and a secure structure for that dog,” Jones said. “I am quite sure the child will have some severe mental trauma due to this incident. We are here. Our doors are open to any questions or conversations the parents or residents need to have in reference to this incident. Feel free to call. ”

Jones said he’s been in touch with the family and it is likely the child will make a full physical recovery.  He is being treated at Children’s of Alabama in Birmingham.

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