A flock of chickens at a commercial poultry breeding operation in Pickens County has tested positive for bird flu.

State Veterinarian Tony Frazier said the flu was found during routine screening of samples sent to the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries State Diagnostic Laboratory.

The samples testing positive were forwarded to the USDA National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa, which confirmed the flock is positive. The flock has been placed under quarantine.

The strain the birds in Pickens County has is low pathogenic avian influenza, not the more dangerous highly pathogenic avian influenza.

A backyard flock in Madison County was also confirmed positive for low pathogenic avian influenza.

Frazier said this suspected bird flu strain does not pose a risk to the food supply. In addition, no affected birds entered the food chain.

Last week, Frazier issued an official order prohibiting poultry exhibitions, which prohibits any exhibitions, regional and county fair sales, festivals, swap meets, live bird markets, flea markets and auctions.

“The health of our poultry is critically important at this time,” Frazier said. “With confirmed cases of low pathogenic avian influenza in Alabama in both commercial and backyard flocks, the order reducing the assembly and commingling of poultry is the most effective way to practice strict biosecurity measures in our state.”


Anyone with chickens — poultry producers or backyard flock owners — should keep close watch on their birds and be vigilant.

The ADAI is keeping a list of suspected bird flu cases right here.

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