Chicken trucks rerouting away from Hugh Thomas Bridge after third spill

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Giselle Hood

Third time’s a charm, but not when it’s a coating of raw chicken parts on University Boulevard.

Once again, processed bits of poultry sprayed across Hugh Thomas Bridge last night, leaving a funky smell and lots to clean up for the third time since April 26.

Hoping to prevent a fourth incident, the Alabama Department of Transportation announced the company will redirect its route away from the bridge.

“We talked to the company last night and they agreed to move their route to a different area,” said John McWilliams, ALDOT’s public information officer.

“They come from north Alabama to Mississippi, and so they will no longer be coming through that area.”

ALDOT workers were tasked with cleaning up the unpleasant mess, which takes time and a strong stomach, especially in this heat.

“There wasn’t as much spilled this time as opposed to the first time, so clean-up efforts were a bit easier this go around” McWilliams said.

“Or, you could say our crews were more experienced and got it up quicker.”

This is the third time that a truck has lost its load onto the road in recent months, first on April 26 and then again on July 4.

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