Chicken theft investigation: Moundville police have arrest warrant

Bear Creek Academy students have their missing chickens back, and Moundville Police have a warrant out for one person’s arrest in the case.

After most of the chickens were returned last week by supposed Good Samaritans who got a $900 reward for their assistance, new information discovered by school administrators gave them cause to believe the people who brought 10 of the chickens back were the ones who took them in the first place.

A few days later, the remaining missing chickens, Egguardita and Fishy, were found abandoned in the area and were also returned.

The school has asked for help from the Moundville Police Department, said Bear Creek Principal Monica Rodgers.

“We have a warrant for Tyler Beckham for receiving stolen property,” said Moundville Police Chief Tony Banks. “He has left town now, so somebody will have to stop him or we will pick him up.”

When police first questions Beckham, his story wasn’t the same as the one he’d told school administrators.

Rodgers said this whole saga has been stressful on everyone, but on students most of all.

“It was such an emotional roller coaster,” she said. “It started with tears and screaming, it ended with tears and screaming. Sad tears and screaming when it happened and just overjoyed tears and screaming when we found out we got the two back yesterday.”

Bear Creek student J.B. Irvin wasn’t keen on letting Fishy out of his arms after the bird was returned Tuesday.

“It’s epic he finally came back,” Irvin said. “He got stolen and all of a sudden he just showed up and I was like ‘OMG,’ but I was so happy.”

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