By WVUA 23 Taylor Neuman


Checkers restaurant will be the first retailer built in the west end of Tuscaloosa in years. It will be located across the street from Stillman College, providing a quick place to eat within walking distance  of campus. Students are excited about the new possibilities it’ll bring.

Not only will the restaurant be convenient for students and residents, but, students believe it’ll create jobs and possibly bring more business to the area.

Tuscaloosa City Councilwoman Phyllis Odom is pleased Checkers is building in her district.

“It feels good to me, it’ll create jobs for people in our district and I think it’s great and I hope that other people will follow.”

Odom says her entire district will benefit from Checkers and hopes that it’ll help attract more restaurants to west end.

They should begin building in the next few months.

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