By WVUA 23 Web Writer Tyler Tucker

Children at DCH Regional Medical Center got some unique visitors Friday: Shriner Clowns spent the day giving kids an extra dose of joy.

Jo Lambert of Daughters of the Nile said, “They say laughter is food for the soul. And that’s something that we try to provide each child here.”

“They’re very entertaining. The kids usually love seeing the clown unit. They really enjoy them, they perform, they have tricks for them and it’s usually a joyous time interacting with the clown unit,” said Eric D. Owens of the Prince Hall Shriners.

“This needs to be done more often, bringing joy to those who are not feeling well, who are hurt, help put smiles on their faces,” said Chris Thomas, whose child got to meet the clowns. “Help them forget about their pain for just a moment.”

“It brought joy to the kids who are sick. So it can be a distraction if a child’s not feeling good. If they’ve got a tummy ache or they’re hurting some place else. It’s a distraction with what’s going on right at that moment,” said pediatric nurse Kay Gifford.

Amid sickness, the clowns bring a day of joy for children that need it the most.

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