Chamber of Commerce holds legislative wrap-up

Chamber Of Commerce Of West Alabama

By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Nick Balenger

Following the conclusion of Alabama’s legislative session, the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama held a wrap-up with representatives from all over the state.

The group included State Senator Gerald Allen and Tuscaloosa city councilman Norman Crow.  The chamber hopes to bring everyone in west Alabama up to date and on the same page for what is to come.

Alabama will hold a special legislative session next week to re-draw congressional districts. This comes after the U.S. Supreme Court ordered the state to re-draw their seven districts to accommodate the new census population numbers. Alabama currently has one minority district, and the high court said it should have two.

Members of the Chamber and Senator Allen expressed their desire to keep Tuscaloosa county within one district.

“I do think that Tuscaloosa needs to be made whole. For thirty years now Tuscaloosa has been split and divided, and it’s an opportunity for us as a community,” Allen said. “If we were to be made whole, I think it’s gonna be something that would be beneficial not only Tuscaloosa, but west Alabama.”

State Representative Chris England said he doesn’t feel confident the county could stay within one district.

“There is no possibility of Tuscaloosa county being drawn into one district.”

If state legislators can’t come to a consensus on a new Congressional map within the five days, the Supreme Court will draw its own map.


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