These may look like just a bunch of drums, and they are. But, to the students at Centreville Middle School they mean a whole lot more.”
Centreville Middle School received a music grant allowing them to implement the program “Get Rhythm”into their fifth grade curriculum.

The drum based programs teaches students to literally find their rhythm but also their rhythm in life. Students told us they are now using the programs motto inspire empower motivate both inside and out of the classroom

“I felt like it was a good experience to work together with the drumming, especially when we do shakers or personal beats because when you use the shakers you kind of pass it around. But you need to work together,” Camiyah Johnson said.

“It has inspired me to do my best and try to not mess up,” Josue Cruz said. “It is okay to mess up and you just gotta learn to fix it.”

Centreville Middle School gets to keep these drums to pass the “Get Rhythm” program and its message along to future students.

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