Central High Grad

Central High School found a creative way for students to celebrate with their principal in their cap and gown following the cancellation of their original graduation ceremony on Monday, May 18.

Graduating seniors were able to come by the high school and pose in front of a green screen in their cap and gown. They will receive an edited picture back with them standing next to their principal, Dr. Teresha Jones-Hamilton.

Candice Gourdouras, an employee at Panoramic Photo Marketing the company in charge of taking the photos, was excited to find a way to give back.

“We really want to get a moment so they can just smile and relax and just be happy they’ve graduated and be proud of what they’ve accomplished during thirteen years versus what they’ve been under these last three months,” Gourdouras said.

Students were also excited for the opportunity to have a moment to celebrate their accomplishments.

Takiyah Jerido, a Central High graduate, said that her brother graduated so she knew how everything was supposed to go for her and felt that despite COVID-19 changing everything, this was a bright light inside of that darkness.

Tatianna Frierson, another Central High graduate, said that it meant a lot because a lot of people doubted her and graduating proved them wrong. The picture will help her keep that memory forever.

The company will also be creating a composite photo that will have the entire senior class standing together to commemorate their graduation amidst all the unknown.

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