Celebrate Halloween with Children’s Safety in Mind

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By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Kenzie Morgenlaender
TUSCALOOSA, Ala- Halloween is just over a week away and soon kids will be going out into Tuscaloosa, knocking on doors, ringing doorbells and greeting their neighbors with a hearty “trick or treat!”

Before the fun begins, it is important for parents to start educating their children on ways to stay safe while they roam the streets on Oct. 31. 

Make a Plan

Parents should consider a number of factors when they decide when to let their kids trick-or-treat alone or supervised by an older kid. 

“Parents who allow an older child or teen to supervise younger ones should go over a safety plan first. If possible use a tracking app to keep up with their location,” said Tuscaloosa Police Department spokesperson Stephanie Taylor.

Make a plan and agree on a specific time they should return home. Parents can set a phone alarm as a reminder that it’s time to start walking back.

If you plan to trick or treat outside of your own neighborhood, visit that place in the daylight, and become familiar with it.  


Think about how much vehicle traffic the neighborhood has, whether it’s a well-lit area, and how closely the houses are spaced. 

“Be aware of traffic and cross only at intersections after looking left, right, and left again. Try to wear something reflective so drivers will be aware,” said Taylor.

Likewise, drivers should remember that there will be trick-or-treaters on the roads. 

Kids tend to not pay as much attention to traffic as they should, especially when they are excited about racing to the next house for candy.

Suspicious Activity

“Listen to your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to call out for help or ‘“cause a scene’” said Taylor. 

If you see suspicious activity, you should first get to a safer area and contact authorities as soon as possible by calling 911.

Have fun and stay safe out there. 

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