Governor Robert Bentley and other state and local leaders were in Fayette County to award two Community Development Block Grants.The grants are making way for 336 people in Fayette to have their sewer systems replaced and bringing water to 25 families in county.
These are federal dollars that have to be matched on a state level.

The city grant for sewer replacements is for $450,000 and the county grant for running water is for $250,000.
The current sewer lines are 60 to 70 years old. This causes frequent sewer back ups.
Mayor Ray Nelson tells us the money will be received through a reimbursement process.
The contractor will turn the bill into the city, then the city will turn it into the state, who will pay for it.
Governor Robert Bentley says he’s excited for the people of this area. Residents we spoke share that excitement! They’re ready to see these problems alleviated.

Mayor Nelson is expecting bids to go out on the sewer rehab project in the next few months.

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