As efforts to cleanup and recover from the deadly storms that ravaged Walker County on Sunday continue, the Carbon Hill community came together to help each other get through an especially difficult time.

Friends, neighbors, family and even strangers are leaning on one another to get through this tough time.

“We have got so many donations coming in,” said Scott McCullar, the pastor at First Baptist Church of Carbon Hill. “And we are grateful that people are donation them. The money that comes in we will give to those who do not have insurance and who have needs of supplies.”

Volunteers from the First Baptist Church of Carbon Hill got right to work filling needs in their community after the tornado that ripped through their community on Easter Sunday.

“We have got people who are getting the food ready,” McCullar said. “We have even got people here who are willing to pray and minister to those who have gone through a crisis and want to talk to somebody. We have a lot of workers out here giving out food. This food comes from the salvation army. They donated it. They’ll be here all week giving it out at noon at least until Friday.”

These volunteers are working to help people and are trying to remain sanitary while doing so. However, helping those in desperate need is the top priority.

“Yesterday, we did not really care about social distancing. There was not talk about masks or gloves. We have people that are in trouble. We go, we clean debris, we give meals. There was no thought about it yesterday, but it was just the day after. Now we have got to think about this,” McCaller said. “This is serious. We do not want a bunch of infections going around. We have got to practice this so everybody here is going to have on gloves and a mask. We have people pull up, they open their trunks, we put it in their trunks, so there is not as much interaction. If someone walks up, they stand at the curb, we sit the food down, they pick the food up themselves and head out. We have very little interaction to just try to curb the spread.”

Despite the long road of recovery Carbon Hill has ahead, residents feel certain their strength will pull them through.

Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief has also been assisting those impacted by the EF-1 tornado in Carbon Hill.

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