Carbon Hill Church

Controversy abounds in the small town of Carbon Hill in the wake of Mayor Mark Chambers posting a comment on Facebook saying “The only way to change it would be to kill the problem out” when referring to gay people and Democrats.

Now, a local church that’s not associated with Chambers is being brought into the situation. First Baptist Church of Carbon Hill said they received a disturbing voicemail Wednesday night in response to the mayor’s comments. An unknown person left this message:

“Mark Chambers wants all the gay people to be executed. So now all the intelligent people want your [expletive]blown down. See how that works? Until it’s illegal to be in possession of a sentiment, I hope you get [expletive]cancer and die in fire.”

Chambers is not a member of the church and does not attend the church’s services, according to Pastor Scott McCullar. McCullar said he’s shocked that blowback from Chambers’ comments is being directed at the church.

“Our church wants to love this community,” McCullar said. “We believe the gospel goes out from here at Carbon Hill to the ends of the earth. That’s our purpose. That’s our goal, not to make these statements on Facebook that we do not agree with, in any shape, form or fashion.”

So far three Carbon Hill council members, Greg Anderson, McClain Burrough and April Herron have signed a letter asking Chambers to resign.

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