Captured man’s mother offers update on his situation

Missing In Ukraine
alex drueke, Alexander Drueke, Andy Huynh

The mother of a Tuscaloosa man who was captured by Russians last month offered an update on her son’s situation Thursday.

Alexander Drueke is one of two Alabamians who were captured in the monthslong battle between Russia and Ukraine.

Drueke and Andy Win are former members of the U.S. military who volunteered to help train Ukrainian fighters.

Drueke’s mother, Bunny Drueke, said she spoke with her son a few days ago.

“He had a message to deliver from (Russia), which was they are very eager for negotiations to start,” Bunny Drueke said. “I explained that this is a delicate situation and we’re having to involve other countries. I know our embassy and state department are talking to the Ukrainian embassy this week, and so that’s encouraging. Alex sounded good. He sounded strong.”

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