Capstone Men and Women continue tours tradition

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By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Sierra Fletcher

When COVID-19 came knocking, the University of Alabama campus went from a beautiful, lively space to something that felt a lot less welcoming. The sidewalks usually filled with students, faculty, staff and visitors making their way across campus each and every day emptied.

But as the pandemic wanes, the masses are back, and with them are the Capstone Men and Women. If you’re a regular around the UA campus, they’re hard to miss. These students’ red suits and dresses are a signal that UA means business when it comes to its campus, and that includes its dedication to showing visitors everything it has on offer.

Capstone Men and Women aren’t just UA tour guides, but that’s where you’ll see them most often, leading groups of visitors around campus.

These tours usually start at the UA Student Center, where guides offer tidbits on the school’s academic successes, campus involvement and financial aid opportunitites for potential students and their parents.

Between Greek life, the school’s 650 student-led organizations and clubs, intramural sports, honor societies and social events, Alabama isn’t that hard a sell. And all that is before the actual tours begin.

Capstone Men and Women President Preston McGee said tours are an important part of the student recruitment process.

“This is the first look that students have of our campus,” McGee said. “A lot of students who come to UA they say this is the first time they’ve been on campus, and a lot of times the first time they set foot on campus is why they chose the University of Alabama.”

Several students said the tour made their school choice a no-brainer.

“I loved it,” said Andrew Toonsley. “I came during the springtime, and it was 80 degrees, beautiful weather, people playing on the quad, A-day right around the corner and I just absolutely loved it.”

On a more academic note, Luciel Wilcox said she loved what the school provided for her.

“I’m not much for sports or anything like that, but when I knew what I wanted to major in, which is law, the university had everything I was looking for, to the classes, the professors, the experience I can get. It was just amazing,” Wilcox said.

The Capstone Men and Women know what they’re doing and they do it well, said freshman Ashley Owens, who said her guide’s passion was evident. That passion made her own choice much easier, she said.

“I actually went on a tour during COVID-19, and it was very limited for us because of the social distancing and whatnot,” Owens said. “The tour guides were really nice. You can definitely tell they don’t read from a script and put their whole heart and personality into the tours.”

If you’re interested in signing up for a tour of the University of Alabama, you can do so right here. Tours last about two hours, and comfortable shoes are recommended.

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