Can you hear me now? Phone issues in Eutaw quickly solved after storm


In the wake of Tuesday’s evening storms, Eutaw in Greene County experienced power outages and a major loss of cellphone service, which complicated efforts to dispatch police and fire to affected areas.

“Well, after the tornado we realized we had a cell tower that was down, which interfered with our emergency communication with police and fire,” said Eutaw Water and Wastewater Treatment Operator Corey Martin. “We couldn’t communicate with our public works crew. I called AT&T First Net and they were able to bring us a mobile cell tower and get it set up within six hours of the call.”

Martin said this new setup will fix cellphone and data service within a two- to three-mile radius and is critical for communication with first responders in the field.

Several buildings were damaged, and the storm knocked trees and power lines down, said Eutaw Assistant Chief of Police William Smith.

“We have had people to come out, other officers to come out for extra patrol,” Smith said. “They will be working diligently to ensure buildings are safe and no one is looting. If you are riding around, you will be checked. We are going to make sure that everything is safe here.”

Eutaw Mayor Latasha Johnson said she is grateful there were no deaths or injuries reported in her city.

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