Littering Fines

A new campaign is working on tackling Alabama’s rampant littering problem.

The Alabama Department of Transportation is encouraging pedestrians, drivers and their passengers to keep their trash off the streets. It’s a costly problem, one ALDOT spends millions on each and every year.

The “Trash Costs Cash” is airing on radio, television and social media sites.

“ALDOT spent $6.8 million last year to pick up waste along state routes,” said ALDOT Public Information Officer John McWilliams. “And $199,000 just in Tuscaloosa County.”

Litterers who are caught face a $500 fine, but often doesn’t stop the glut of trash on Alabama’s roadways.

“We want people to take pride in where they live,” McWilliams said. “And you don’t want to see trash on your daily commute to work and back home.”


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