Calvary Baptist Church

A local church close to Bryant-Denny Stadium is in the process of a major construction and remodeling project.

Calvary Baptist Church has been at their location on Paul Bryant Drive for over 100 years. Now, the Tuscaloosa City Council has given them permission for remodeling and constructing a four-story parking deck.

“The church has already voted,” Gary Phillips, the co-chairman of the long range planning committee, said. “We’re selling a piece of property across the street from us here, across from Bryant. And once that transaction is made we will be moving forward with the parking deck.”

Reports estimate that the parking deck will hold up to 375 vehicles and cost around $6 million. Construction on this project isn’t expected to begin until 2020. Tuscaloosa City Councilman Kip Tyner said the project will help the city and the church.

“I think it helps with two things,” Tyner said. “One, it will make it safer for the thousands who are actually members there at the church. And also understand too that it may help even relieve some parking issues for Alabama football games.”

Some council members have expressed concern that the rapid increase in new construction projects could place a strain on city services in the future.

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