By WVUA 23 Reporter Libbi Farrow

Fans from all over the country are heading toward Tuscaloosa for an epic SEC battle this weekend between the University of Alabama and LSU.

Many Tuscaloosa businesses are spending their week preparing for the crowds by ordering extra food, extra booze and getting all hands on deck for Saturday.

Sales associate at Elle Boutique Kaylee Osborne said they organize the store by Alabama colors to make it easier for customers.

“We are expecting a lot of traffic to come through,” Osborne said. “Sometimes people don’t have exactly what they want for their Game Day outfit, so they stop in and change their clothes real fast.”

Little Italy owner George Matta said they sell more than 1,000 pizzas in one day when they typically sell that many in a week. Little Italy is located just off Alabama’s campus, across Campus Drive from Publix.

“We will start preparing things on Thursday night to get ready,” Matta said.

Zac Morgan, an employee at Bama Fever, said some items sell out faster than others. So if you’re in the market for some special items for Game Day, you’d better be quick.

“We get close to selling out of the jerseys,” he said. “We just keep so many up there and we have a few more in the back that whenever they get low we just put them out, but we really do sell a lot of jerseys on Game Day.”

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