Business owners, Chamber looking to bring back merchant’s association

It’s been years since downtown Tuscaloosa had a merchant’s association, but the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama and local business leaders are looking at bringing one back.

Several business owners met Thursday morning for a discussion on how they can reorganize the group and get one rolling again.

It would consist of business owners, land owners, the Chamber and marketing specialists, and the goal would be revitalizing the downtown area.

“It was important so we can have a clear line of communication between everybody and also have an advocacy group that can work for the greater interest of downtown businesses,” said Avenue Pub owner Craig Williams. “There’s always a lot of things going on and we just wanna make sure that we’re working on a unified front and working for the greater good of downtown.”

This was the first meeting for the new group, and they’re hoping to add new members and build on each other’s successes.

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