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Under normal circumstances, Bryant High School seniors would be enjoying the usual end-of-year traditions, such as group pictures.  But because of coronavirus concerns, school officials are using technology to work around social distancing guidelines.

Graduating seniors, dressed in their caps and gowns, arrived at the school individually.  Their photos were taken on a green screen, and will be edited to appear as if they are standing alongside the school’s principal.

Arianah Lewis, Bryant High School senior, was glad to return to campus for her photo session.

“You know it reminds me of graduation,” Lewis said, “so it’s kind of a start I guess.”

School officials plan to use the individual photos to create a larger picture of the entire Class of 2020.

According to Dr. Mike Daria, Tuscaloosa City Schools Superintendent, the city’s three high schools will hold in-person graduation ceremonies in late summer.  Dates and locations have not yet been determined.

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