Bryant-Denny Mix: Changing the tunes is a balancing act

Alabama Fans

By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Drew Pavan

This weekend the Alabama Crimson Tide is taking on the Tennessee Volunteers, and while many Bama fans look to cheer on the Tide this Homecoming Saturday, some of them are ready for some new tunes inside Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Earlier in the season, fans took to Twitter and voiced their distaste for some songs being played at the stadium. One of their biggest annoyances? “Fancy Like” by Walker Hayes, which gained a whole new audience after going viral on TikTok and is commonly referred to as “the Applebees song” because of a lyric that mentions the chain restaurant.

After Alabama Athletic Director Greg Byrne noticed the chatter he took action, scratching Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” and the aforementioned Applebees song.

A good move, fans agree.

Bama student Cole Hanners said, “The Applebees song has no right to be played at a football game,” said Alabama student Cole Hanners. “It doesn’t fit the vibe of a football game.”

But what songs do fit said vibe? There’s plenty of debate.

“I think throwback songs that get people excited would be great,” said Alabama freshman Addison Orr. “Songs that get the people pumped up and hyped to be at the game.”

But not everybody is interested in mixing it up.

“I don’t think they should remove any songs,” said UA senior Jerry Lewis.

Some songs are too ingrained in Bryant-Denny’s culture for retirement. Could you imagine cheering on the Crimson Tide without “Sweet Home Alabama”? “Dixieland Delight” returned to the stadium several years ago and remains a staple.

A playlist 100,000-plus people will enjoy in its entirety is an impossible feat, but those staples will still be blaring decades in the future when current students are returning for homecoming with their children. And maybe even their grandchildren.

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