VANCE, AL — Brose Tuscaloosa Inc. now employs over 700 men and women. General Plant Manager Jim Barbaretta says they will soon provide 100 more high paying jobs.

WVUA 23’s Chelsea Barton got an inside look at the new Brose facilities.

The company builds seats and doors for not only Mercedes, but other big names like Chrysler, Volvo, BMW, Volkswagen and most recently Ford.

“We have some new business in our seat adjusters for the F150 vehicles and that will help us to expand another 100 employees in that are early next year,” Barbaretta said.

The new $14,000,000 expansion includes an on site automated warehouse with new technology.

“The amount of work is nearly the same as far as product going out the door,” Barbaretta said. “I would say we are 35% more efficient at doing it now. Having the warehouse incorporated into the building definitely carries some efficiencies. It also allows us to be more competitive and to bring in new business and new customers.”

The expansion also brought new office spaces, and perhaps the employee favorite, a state of the art, fully staffed, on site canteen with daily fresh food for employees working all three shifts.

“I think their favorite part has to be the canteen because in this area there is not a lot of dining opportunities and options,” Barbaretta told Barton. “Having good prepared food on site has been really good for everyone.”

Brose Tuscaloosa is also now a foreign trade zone.

“We now act as a port for incoming products from overseas. We handle the customs paperwork here and that is an advantage for bringing in overseas material,” Barbaretta said.

The $14 million additions to the plant have not only made it more competitive worldwide, but also created a promise for future growth here with the Tuscaloosa County automotive cluster.

“You can imagine with all the industry coming into this are that skilled workers are hard to find,” Barbaretta explained.  “We want to be the company where those employees land.”

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