Brookwood Career

By WVUA 23 Reporter Caroline Wood

Students from all across the Tuscaloosa area gathered at Brookwood High School Thursday to attend Career Technical Safety Day.

Representatives from The University of Alabama, Mississippi State University and University of Montevallo were there to talk with students about their career options after high school. One of the key aspects of the event was safety and making sure students know what can happen in the real world.

“For students that are about to graduate and especially, you know, looking at what they’re gonna do in the future as we move on to the next chapter it kind of gives us like an insight,” said Brookwood senior Savannah Brewer. “Like well, we have to be more cautious with the surroundings and things that we’re doing and then the things that we’re going into.”

But, another important part of the day was sharing different options students have after high school graduation. Not only were traditional colleges and universities at the event, but some of the nontraditional career paths were showcased as well.

Vendors such as Mercedes-Benz, Brose and construction companies were there to share their industries to students.

“The biggest thing out of this is for students to see hey I don’t necessarily have to go to college, I don’t have to accumulate a student debt,” said Brookwood High School Career Tech Administrator Tripp Marshall. “I can maybe take some time to figure out what I’m interested in and then if I don’t like it I can possibly go back to college.”

Not only did high school students get the opportunity to catch a glimpse inside the workforce, but elementary and middle school students did as well. And, Brookwood students were not the only ones with the opportunity. Students from Tuscaloosa County Schools, Tuscaloosa City Schools and Pickens County students were invited as well.

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