Brookwood High hosts Central Alabama Recruiting Expo

By WVUA-23 Sports Reporter Grace Brister

As high schools adapt to the new world of college recruiting, Brookwood High School is making sure athletes are represented.

Brookwood hosted its second annual Central Alabama Recruiting Expo, and around thirty coaches attended to speak with high school coaches and students.

Brookwood Head Football Coach Mike Bramblett discussed how this event can connect players with coaches in a short amount of time.

“It’s a win for the high school coaches because they make contacts they may not normally have, and then the college coaches get to meet with 30 plus high school coaches in a three hour period,” Bramblett said.

Cory York, assistant head coach for Millsaps College in Mississippi, said he’s impressed with new connections came easily.

“We could do what we did today that would take you a week a week in a half two weeks in the state and we got it done in a day,” York said.

Bramblett said that with the way recruiting works in today’s world, this event is essential to high school athletes.

“It makes it that much tougher to get your kids exposure with a large number of coaches because they’re so reliant on the transfer portal,” Bramblett said.

Hillcrest football offensive coordinator Greg Guy also commented on how the transfer portal has changed recruiting.

“It’s put the high school kids in a tough spot,” Guy said. “There’s just so many guys that already have college experience in that portal. The fact that you get something like this where you can talk to so many coaches at once and get them so much exposure in one day.”

“It’s a false illusion of what’s really out there for a lot of guys,” York added on the portal.

Bramblett said that the expo has been a success and he will continue to host it for years to come.


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