Brookwood High School hosts Central Alabama Football Recruiting Expo

Brookwood Football Recruiting Expo Pic

By WVUA 23 Sports Reporter Amari Chaffer

Brookwood High School hosted the Central Alabama Football Recruiting Expo for 25-30 central Alabama high schools.

Over 30 colleges and universities from all levels got a chance to evaluate athletes’ in-person.

“A college coach out of state visits about five high schools. Well, this is a chance to visit 25 high schools at once and a chance to get contacts, information. Because that is how kids get recruited, is meeting more people and getting contacts through coaches,” Brookwood Football Recruiting Coordinator Payton Holmes said.

This was the first year Brookwood High School hosted the event. Previously, the Alabama Football Coaches Association hosted the recruiting expo at Decatur High School in north Alabama.

Brookwood High School plans to partner with AFCA to get more coaches involved for their next recruiting expo, which is scheduled for November.

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