Gallettes owner: Bring back the mailbox and nobody goes to jail

Gallettes Theft Web

The owner of Gallettes on the Strip in Tuscaloosa wants his bar’s mailbox back.

Jeff Sirkin shared surveillance video today showing a woman wearing a white dress sauntering up and snatching the mailbox.

It happened around 2:15 a.m., he said, and after speaking to his fellow bar owners in the area they determined she was with a group celebrating a 21st birthday.

Sirkin just wants his mailbox back, he said, and if the woman comes forward and returns it all will be well. If that doesn’t happen, a police report will be filed. U.S. Post Office mail theft is a federal crime, by the way.

If you can help identify the woman, you can contact Galletes through Facebook right here, through Twitter right here or contact Sirkin through Facebook right here.


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