Bright Spots: Worker lights up her salon


We all know someone who is the human version of sunshine. People light up when they enter any room. This week’s Bright Spots is all about one of those people: Heather Larkin, who works at Hair Etc. on Alabama Highway 69 South in Tuscaloosa.

When she comes in, it’s all eyes on her, and it’s been that way for 13 years.

“I work hard,” Heather said. “I do. I fold some towels and sweep a lot of hair.”

When she’s not sweeping or folding towels, Heather also loves washing color bottles and bowls.

“I told her the other day, ‘We couldn’t do it without you Heather,” Hair Etc. Guest Service Supervisor Chloe Jordan said. “She said, ‘No y’all couldn’t’. She knows that she is good at what she does and we would not make it without her.”

Heather is good at a lot of things: cheerleading, swimming, and even bowling. A lot of things make her happy, including her work family at Hair Etc.

“Coworkers make me happy,'” Heather said.

Heather sure makes them happy too.

“We love Heather,” Jordan said. “She is like everyone’s little sister. She always comes in in a good mood and she is just always so happy. She is like a ray of sunshine in here.”

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