Bright Spots: Woman Celebrates 103rd Birthday


If you were born in 1917, you’ve lived through two world wars and 18 presidents.

Celebrating living life to its fullest, 103-year-old Ouita Livingston brightened my day, and I’ll bet she brightens yours

What better way to celebrate your 103rd birthday during a global pandemic than a drive-thru birthday parade?

Friends and family came from near and far to greet Ouita.

“You’re the curest 103-year-old I know,” one friend said.

“Happy Birthday, Ouita. We love you!” another exclaimed.

Livingston’s son David Allen rode through to wish his mother a happy birthday as well.

“She’s been here since 1917,” he said. “When there were wagons, now there are jets and rockets. She’s seen it all. She’ll tell you about all about it.”

Allen was right. Ms. Livingston did share quite a bit of her life with us.

“When I first started working, I worked 56 hours a week for $7,” she said.

“I don’t feel much different than I did when I was 102,” Livingston added.

Her secret to a long healthy life? That’s simple.

First, be happy,” she said. “Don’t growl and complain. Just be happy.”

Livingston has seen, lived and loved a lot over the last 103 years…and we agree, this lady has a good thing going.

“The Lord is watching out for me,” Livingston said. “He must have something else he wants me to do. I don’t know what it is, but I will figure it out one day.”

Livingston has two children, 3 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild.

Another fun fact? Her father helped build Denny Chimes on the University of Alabama’s campus.

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