Bright Spots: Tide Football Star Just as Impressive Off the Field

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By now we’ve all heard about the Heisman Trophy winner and other honors earned by Tide star receiver DeVonta Smith.

In this week’s Bright Spots Report, you’ll learn about some impressive things he’s been doing off the field.

In the summer of 2019, DeVonta shadowed local attorney and Municipal Judge Paul Patterson.

He’s the Heisman Trophy winner and a National Champion, but he also won over the hearts of a family who learned a lot more from him than how to throw a football.

Smith came to Patterson Comer Law Firm to shadow and learn from Paul Patterson, but as it turns out, Patterson learned a thing or two from DeVonta as well.

“He just became family from day one,” Patterson told WVUA 23 Reporter Chelsea Barton. “Not only with my law office family, but my personal family too. Especially my kids Pierce and Mattie.

To the world, he’s known as everything from Smitty, No. 6, to the best player in college football, but to Pierce and Mattie Patterson, he’s “Roll Tide DeVonta.”

“He’s very respectful,” Pierce Patterson said. “He’s very Christ-like and just a kid.”

“He is sweet because he let us throw with him,” Mattie said. “He’s very nice and very respectful.”

Smith spent a lot of time with Mattie, who has dwarfism, Paul Patterson said, and the two became fast friends.

“(Smith) would send me a text with a picture of the picture Mattie had made for him on his refrigerator,” Paul Patterson said. “So, here you have a college kid who is busy playing for coach Saban, yet he takes the time to send me a text to show me he put my little girl’s artwork on his fridge. That just goes to show you the core of his heart.”

Paul Patterson said Smith taught him there are still young people out there who are looking out for their future.

“He taught me that there are still young people out there who will accept guidance,” Patterson said. “He was just like a sponge. He took it all in. We talked about his future. DeVonta gave me that feeling that he is really in tune with his future and making the right decisions for his family. He has a love for his family that we all ought to have, where he wants to do something to help their future too. He has a good heart and a Heisman Trophy.”

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