Bright Spots: Taylorville Primary hosts 9/11 mementos


It’s been 21 years since our nation fell under attack on Sept. 11, 2001. Although this time of year brings sadness as we remember what happened that day, it’s also time for reflection.

In West Alabama, Taylorville Primary School is holding onto some memories from 9/11 this year.

Each year, the Freedom Flag Foundation selects one school from each state to host a piece of steel from the former World Trade Center. This year, Taylorville has that honor.

“It gives a jumping-off point to talk about the towers, what happened,” said TPS Assistant Principal Nick Rose. “Talking about unity, about community helpers, about honoring community helpers. We don’t necessarily dwell on the specifics of what happened, but that something did happen and out of that came all of these other elements.”

While they don’t focus on the horrors from that day, TPS students do understand what happened and how it changed their country.

“Two of the buildings crashed down in New York City,” said TPS second grader Ava Lynne Harrison.

“The Pentegon got crashed, the twin towers got hit. It was a really scary day for a lot of people,” said fellow second grader Wyatt Burdine.

At a 9/11 remembrance ceremony Friday, TPS honored those who died that day and beyond with a patriotic ceremony complete with songs, poems and special guests including Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Jeff Holloway, who spent time assisting the New York Police Department in the days following 9/11.

“It’s very special,” Holloway said. “I have children who are not much older than these kids. It’s good for me to see that it’s still important, still being taught to the children and the lessons that we learn from the reaction to that which to me was working together, teamwork and all the things that are important, especially for children to learn.”

The freedom flag and steel piece will be displayed inside TPS for the entire school year.

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