Bright Spots: SPAN hosts graduation

Span Graduation

While the old Holt Elementary School in Tuscaloosa County isn’t being used for its original purpose anymore, the building and students who fill it are getting a second chance.

The Special Programming Achievement Network is helping troubled students achieve success and become productive adults through education, counseling and positive influences within their own communities. The organization accepts a wide range of students from a broad referral base including juvenile court systems and local schools.

“We not only work on our academics, but we also work on their behavior so that when they do go back to their school or to a job that then they are successful and can continue to be successful,” said Tuscaloosa County SPAN Coordinator Marilou Baker.

Last week, SPAN held its graduation celebration for students who completed the program and got their GED or caught up to their grade level at their regular school.

Former University of Alabama football player turned pastor, motivational speaker and businessman Martin Houston delivered the commencement address.

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