Bright Spots: Shelton State’s New President No Stranger to Tuscaloosa

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How about some good local news?

WVUA 23’S Chelsea Barton sat down with the new Shelton State Community College President Brad Newman, who says brighter days are ahead for the buccaneers!

Newman has been named the 20th Shelton State president, and he comes as no stranger to the Tuscaloosa community.

“I guess you could say I started out here,” Newman said. “I finished at the University of Alabama where I got my engineering degree there.”

Shelton State has had 10 different presidents in the last 10 years, so what makes Newman different?

“I am not going anywhere,” Newman said. “I took this job only because it gave me the best shot of staying in one place for the longest.”

Newman has 28 years of leadership and management experience but said he never dreamed he’d land in the role of leading a college.

“Look, let’s put it this way,” he said, laughing. “This is the first time I have ever walked on a college campus and been comfortable, so no there is no way I could have ever dreamed that I could have ever known about this position being open. It wasn’t something that I looked for or even thought about.”

Newman does not have the traditional education background many college presidents have, but that’ okay.

He most recently served as Plant Manager for ZF Chassis Systems, LLC in Tuscaloosa, one of the company’s top-performing facilities in the world.

“This is the one thing I know,” Newman said. “This place is going to be excellent. It is. We are going to be excellent. The people who are here and engaged in the processes are going to be excellent. ”

He said he’s not leaving his manufacturing expertise behind. Instead, he’ll use it to make Shelton State even better.

“We already have started the process where we are going to meet with what I say is our supplier: the city and county schools,” Newman said. “They are really revved up and ready to go. We have already started meeting with the customer, which is the health services and automotive, four-year institutions, and on and on.”

It’s no different from a manufacturing perspective, he said.

“We’re going to know exactly what quality requirements they have, what’s the quantity they need, and when do they need it,” Newman said. “I am not going to change that recipe. The recipe works. Is it easy to execute? No. Does it take dedication? Yes. It is hard to put into words how blessed I feel to get a chance to lead an organization that has the ability to have the impact that this one does.”

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