Bright Spots: Shelter pup a success story, but treatment isn’t cheap

When she first arrived at Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter, 3-month-old pointer-mix Stella had a broken jaw in two places.

“It was touch and go for a minute,” said TMAS Kennel Manager Tara Freeman. “She was having a hard time trying to eat and drink water. Her tongue, bless her heart, stayed out. She couldn’t get it to go back in.”

And Stella’s jaw was just as shattered as her spirit.

“Most puppies are rambunctious,” Freeman said. “They are active, jumpy, happy and everywhere. She was not like that. You could just tote her around. She would not move. She would stay in one spot as you were holding her. You could tell she was in pain.”

Veterinarians weren’t sure how Stella was injured, but they did know she needed surgery ASAP.

“It is very uncommon, but the surgery is so intense,” Freeman said. “Quality of life is important.”

Stella’s surgery and post-op care came with a hefty price tag. So as they often do, TMAS took to social media and requested help. Animal lovers answered the call and donated more than $3,000 of the shelter’s $4,000 goal.

“Donations are so important,” Freeman said. “Her surgery was very expensive, and she still has a lot more she is going to have to go through with checkups. Donations in general are so important. Without donations and without fosters we could not have saved this baby’s life. There is just no way. ”

Today, Stella is a happy, playful pup who has everyone she meets wrapped right around her little wagging tail.

The name Stella means “star,” and that’s just what this lady is becoming.

“She is doing great,” Freeman said. “She is much better and a totally different dog than what she was when she came in. She is no longer in pain.”

If you’re interested in helping TMAS, you can donate right here. If you can’t donate but want to help, the shelter is always seeking volunteers and people who can foster animals. You can learn more right here.

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