Bright Spots: Organization Works With Businesses on Hiring Special Employees

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We could all use a little Christmas cheer, and those warm feelings….especially this year, right?   WVUA 23’s Chelsea Barton served it up in this week’s Bright Spots report.

Rashun Mcnair and Shawn Meadows are the two newest employees at Heritage House Coffee and Tea in Tuscaloosa.

“Shawn and Rashun have been a huge blessing for us, ” HH General Manager Jonathan Thorn told WVUA 23 Reporter Chelsea Barton.

“They are everything we want in employees at HH: hard workers, great attitudes, fun to work with and willing to do anything we ask them to.”

These guys are part of the United Cerebral Palsy of West Alabama’s supportive employment program.

“UCPWA supports individuals with disabilities,” CEO Cody Ingram said. “We are looking to find to showcase their abilities with employment opportunities. We will provide them with job coaches and the opportunity to further their career and hopefully one day find meaningful jobs that are directed toward their dreams and future careers.”

Some may say the odds are stacked against these young men, but if you ever meet Shawn or Rashun, you’ll learn very quickly…they don’t see it that way!

“They are not focusing on if it is hard or if they know how to do it,” Thorn said. “They are willing to jump into anything we ask them to do. And they have a lot of fun doing it.”

While employers like Heritage House are teaching these guys professional and life skills, Sean and Rashun have taught their employers and customers a thing or two as well.

“To give people a chance,” Thorn said. “This is not a charitable thing we are doing. It’s a win-win. It is like any other employees we would hope to have. We want it to be a win-win for us as a business.  Sean and Rashun have been that each and every day for us, and we are just thrilled to have them.”

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