Bright Spots: Northport shows support for Ukraine


If you’ve driven by Northport City Hall recently, you may have noticed some new blue and yellow additions.

“We have decorations on the doors with sunflowers,” Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon said. “Sunflowers represent Ukraine with the Ukrainian colors. We also had a sign put up in front of Northport City Hall.”

The city of Northport stands with Ukraine as the country battles for its independence against Russian encroachment, Herndon said.

Herndon and the city council are responsible for the colorful additions, but their meaning is much deeper.

“We want to make people aware first of the suffering that is going on over there,” Herndon said. “We are also praying for them, we are recognizing that they are going through the most difficult times that we can go through, and we stand with them. Anything we can do as a city, there’s not much we can do except to pray and that we support them and that’s what we are going to do.”

After the solidarity symbols went up, connections to Ukraine proved to be closer than we realized.

“You never know who is going to see what you do,” Herndon said. “I got an email the other day from a guy, I didn’t know who it was. I noticed he had a different last name from what I am used to down here in the South.”

The email reads:

Honorable Mayor Herndon, Dear Members of the city council,

I moved my family to Tuscaloosa, Al after the war in Ukraine broke out.

We are connected with FBC Tuscaloosa.

I was ordained Baptist minister in Ukraine and my father is still pastoring the church in Odessa region.

I was driving to Walmart store in your city the other day and I noticed “We stand with Ukraine” sign next to your city call. This moved our hearts and really touched us. Thank you! That’s why we are just writing to express you our gratitude for sympathizing with our nation in this nasty war that Russian President Putin has started.

Ukraine will win!

May God bless you.


To some, the flowers and signage look simple, but to those hurting for their home, it’s a huge help.

“Stay strong,” Herndon said.  “Be vigilant. Keep the faith. We are supporting you. Democracy is going to win out. It is going to. And just keep up the fight.”

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