Bright Spots: Locking arms with the Bojangles man

Freedom of speech is one the most basic rights in our country.

One local man exercises his outside the Bojangles at Tuscaloosa’s Five Points area just about every single day.

Chances are you’ve seen him. Maybe you’ve even honked at him. Most people who cross his well-worn path colloquially call him the Bojangles Man, but his name is James Bonner.

Wearing his signature cowboy hat and a warm smile, Bonner walks up and down carrying a simple sign with a simple message: Jesus will save you.

“He’s this good guy and he just loves God and whoever honks loves God, too,” said 10-year-old Channing Lawson.

Recently, Bonner had some special company join him for a day, as Carisa McPherson’s fourth grade class from American Christian Academy used their lesson on Ephesians 6 to help Mr. Bonner minister.

“In Ephesians 6, it talks about putting on the armor of God and having a shield a different kind of things to help keep you strong,” McPherson said. “So, they picked a verse that would help them put God’s power to work.”

We can all learn something from everyone we meet, and this lesson is a lifelong one.

“The greatest thing you can do is tell somebody about Jesus Christ,” Bonner said.

So if you find yourself driving through Five Points and see Bonner, give him wave or a honk. Almost everyone does. Maybe even stop and talk to him. It’ll be worth your while.

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