Bright Spots: K-9 memorial celebrates sheriff’s office’s best boys and girls

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This week’s Bright Spots report pays tribute to a different type of Sheriff’s deputy.

If you’ve ever been out to the Tuscaloosa Sheriff’s Office Training Facility in Berry, you know how impressive it is. Officers come from all over the country to train there.
<div></div><p><p>K9 MEMORIAL00000000</p>There’s a recent addition to the property that’s just “doggone” special.</p><div></div><p>“The K-9 memorial was just a way we could honor all of the four-legged officers and their handlers who’ve helped solve crimes over the years in Tuscaloosa County,” said Tuscaloosa County Sheriff Ron Abernathy. “These dogs have done an incredible job and are a great asset for us to have. They are a deputy just like our men and women are, and that’s how we look at it.”</p><div></div><p>The three dog memorial features a Labrador retriever, German shepard, and blood hound representing the 10 K-9 officers TCSO currently has. The memorial features bricks with the names of each K-9 officer and their partner.</p><div></div><p>One of the duos honored is Sgt. Hunter Strickland and his partner Reno.</p><div></div><p>“Reno is very special,” Strickland said. “He is not only my partner in the road, but he is a part of our family at home. On the road, he makes you feel comfortable knowing he has your back.”</p><div></div><p>Abernathy and Strickland agree the K-9 officers have saved deputies’ lives on countless occasions.</p><div></div><p>“We are grateful that they’ve put this memorial out here for the ones that are special to us and our families,” Strickland said.</p>

And when those K-9 officers are ready for retirement, they live out the rest of their days with their former partners.

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