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For decades, Greensboro has been known as the catfish capitol of the South. But there’s a new delicacy in town that is downright delicious.

“Both sides of my family have some baking genes in it,” said Greensboro Pie owner Thomas Reynolds said.

This young entrepreneur hasn’t even reached his 30th birthday, but he’s baked thousands of decadent desserts. Reynolds purchased the recipes from West Alabama-famous restaurant The Pie Lab after the Greensboro staple closed its doors for good last year.

“Pie Lab is one thing that brought people from all around,” Reynolds said. “They used to have a map in the back of Pie Lab that you would put a tack in it wherever you were from. There would be people from Australia, Europe, all over the world who have graced the doors of Pie Lab. For a community that is struggling as it is, it did bring people in and brought outside money into the community. For us to lose that would be detrimental. That’s why I started entertaining the idea of buying it from them.”

The pies may be the same, but Reynolds is shaking (and baking) things up a little with a new name and a new baking space.

“We have changed things up a little bit,” Reynods said. “Whenever everyone hears that we are still here, it is definitely smiles and gratitude.”

Reynolds said Greensboro Pie produced about 1,600 pies this week, and he anticipates they’ll bake 3,000 more before the holiday season is out.

So is there such thing as too much pie?

“Actually, I got a little pied out after staying up all night for about eight months,” Reynolds said. “I stayed away from them for a while. Now that I am getting back to a better routine, I definitely enjoy my fair share of slices.”

If you’ve never visited Greensboro, chances are you’ve been to a small town like it.

“One of the things that we strive to do is take a little bit off your plate to have to cook or bake it or worry about that for the holidays,” Reynolds said. “The thought of families getting to gather around and just enjoying time together and not having to worry about stuff, it brightens my day and makes me feel better. It is an experience to have a homemade pie compared to one off the grocery store shelf. I believe it is elevated. But come see and try a piece for yourselves.”

If you’re interested in one of Greensboro Pie’s sweet treats, you can order whole pies or or pick up a slice through The Stable in Greensboro. Call 334-218-2109 and place an order before Nov. 21 for pickup right in time for Thanksgiving.

Flavors include:

    • Apple
    • Peanut butter cream
    • Butterfinger oreo
    • Lemon icebox
    • Key lime
    • Brown sugar buttermilk
    • Buttermilk
    • Pecan
    • Chocolate bourbon pecan
    • Chocolate peanut butter fudge
    • Chocolate chess
    • Lemon chess
    • Pumpkin praline
    • Sweet potato streusel

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