Bright Spots: Former majorette twirls into hearts through viral video


A Pelham woman went viral earlier this month after her grandson posted a video of her on social media.

Dianna Murphree, 78, is seen impressively twirling her baton in the video that hit feeds just after the Alabama-Texas football game on Sept. 12.

Murphree’s grandson Matt Stephens posted the video while his grandmother, who he calls Muzzy, was in the hospital.

“It all started with me baby talking him when he was born,” Murphree said. “All their friends call me Muzzy. ”

Just listening to the video, you’d think Mrs. Murphree has all the energy in the world. And she does most of the time. But if you look past the cheering, you’ll notice she’s in a hospital.

Dianna is a cancer survivor and at the time the video was taken, was receiving a new treatment that just happened to keep her there on Alabama football Saturday.

What Murphree didn’t know is that she was about to become an internet sensation.

“I was shocked to pieces,” Murhpree said. “I did not know what to think.”

As for Matt, he wasn’t surprised that everyone fell in love with Muzzy.

“The one person that could just go viral in our family without even trying is her,” Stephens said. “It was a blessing also just to see the comments everyone sharing and how many people were praying for her. How uplifting it was because being in the hospital with cancer is not the most positive thing, but she is the type of person to make the most out of it. I think that really inspired a lot of people. ”

Words travel fast in 2022. It didn’t take long for Muzzy’s viral video to reach the University of Alabama Crimsonettes.

“All of my girls saw that video and most of them posted it to their social media,” Crimsonettes coach April Henderson said. “I thought it was really nice that they had feelings for her because she was sick. We really are all bonded through our sport. It just meant a lot that they kind of felt her and had her same spirit.”

Although they’ve never even met Dianna Murphree, The Crimsonettes said they feel like they are connected to the spunky woman who twirled right into their hearts!

They even sent her a get-well video and signed poster.

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