Bright Spots: Carrollton residents seek out Sneaky the Elf


It’s not Christmas yet, but Pickens County residents are already getting in on some festive fun.

“This little ole town is just a small town with a big heart,” said Carrollton Mayor Mickey Walker. “When you come here, people love each other.”

Walker is responsible for creating some Christmas cheer with a contest around town by hiding “Sneaky the Elf.”

The clues to locate Sneaky began earlier this month on the town’s  Facebook group and all across town.

“I can see benches. I see lights. But, I am a very good hider. I’m out of sight,” Walker said, reading a clue out loud.

Hundreds of residents responded, searching for the elf day and night.

“Hurry to the square. I’m all jacked up on Mountain Dew. Do you know I am playing games with you?” Walker said, repeating another clue. “We had folks start tearing the drink machines. Just punching buttons. This guy sold out of Mountain Dews up there. We had so many people coming up to us saying they didn’t want to go to school that day. I am sure some of them skipped school. A couple of people came up and said, ‘You know my boss man has been out of town, so I haven’t been to work all week.’ This guy looked for hours and days. He did not even go home. He said when he goes home and lies down, he jumps right back up and comes back. I am not going to say where he worked, but he did not go to work that week.  ”

Walker has quite a sense of humor. The more folks bugged him for clues, the more he tried his tricks.

“We ended up getting another elf involved in this,” Walker said. “Tricky Mickey.”

With Tricky Mickey, things got sticky. He pulled pranks left and right, until he was finally outsmarted.

“From first base, you had to take 20 more steps to break down the foul line and that put you dead on the spot,” Walker said. “We had this thing in a hole that we took a core drill and then sawed the grass off. It looked like a golf hole and we installed it down in it and I put the plug back on top of it. So many people stepped on top of it. They never even knew it.”

WVUA 23 wasn’t there when Claire Snipes, her mom Amy and friend Jessica discovered Sneaky the Elf, but they said it was an ecstatic moment.

With their discovery, Christmas got a whole lot merrier for the trio. As part of the contest, they received $1,000 from the town of Carrollton and local sponsor Bank First.

But don’t worry if you don’t win, because you can retry your luck in spring as Walker plans on hiding a golden egg for Easter.

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