Bright Spots: Blooming traditions in Gordo

If an event has gone on for 30 years, that’s pretty impressive.

Holliman Gardens has been around for that long, and their tradition is bringing beautiful blooms to West Alabama.

Renee Holliman and her husband, Len, own and operate the farm just outside of Gordo in Pickens County. Nowadays it features more than 500 varieties of the flower.

“It began as a passion and slowly turned into purgatory,” Renee Holliman said.

Renee has created what people from all over have come to call a daylily paradise.

“The daylily name means ‘beautiful for one day,’ ” she said.

Some daylilies, like the Tropical Fusion variety, are so easy to grow you can almost just drop the bulbs and let them flourish.

“My all-time No. 1 favorite is called To God Be The Glory,” Renee Holliman said. “I saw the name of the flower before I saw the bloom of the flower, and that says everything.”

The Hollimans have people visit their daylily farm for their big sale each year. Buyers come from as far away as Texas, California and even Washington state.

“As much fun as this is, it’s always a great time,” Len Holliman said. ” We see people we only see once a year.”

Those once-a-year visitors are more than just buyers, Renee Holliman said.

“I have made friends, people that I just simply met here,” she said. “They drove up and I went out and greeted them and we’ve become friends over time.

Over Memorial Day weekend,  the Hollimans sold more than 1,000 daylilies, and they plan to keep this tradition growing for as long as they can.

“There’s so much you learn from growing and watching things grow,” Renee Holliman said. “God does the growing. He lets me pull the weeds. Really and truly, I could not make anything grow if I wanted to. But I can tend to it, I can take care of it.”

The Hollimans hold their daylily sale ever year for two weeks around the end of May and the beginning of June. This year, their final days are June 10 and 11 from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. The farm is located at 174 County Road 88 in Gordo.

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